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Field Test Assessment is a web-based application designed to assist in high-fidelity, sustained implementation of school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (SW-PBIS). The goal of the website is to improve the efficiency and accuracy with which tools/instruments can be used to complete three functions:

  • Initial Assessment of discipline practices to determine if and how SW-PBIS should be adopted.
  • Implementation Assessment of the fidelity with which SW-PBIS procedures are being used, and the design of “action plans” to improve implementation fidelity.
  • Sustained Assessment of the implementation of SW-PBIS at all three tiers to facilitate on-going use of core SW-PBIS features.

School Teams

School teams engaged in the adoption of SW-PBIS use PBIS Assessment to guide implementation of SW-PBIS with high fidelity. A major feature of SW-PBIS is commitment to the on-going tool/instrument of intervention fidelity. Practices that are not implemented well are less likely to benefit students, faculty and families. PBIS Assessment provides tools and instruments that allow examination of the level of SW-PBIS adoption, and guidance for how to improve implementation to a level that will benefit students.

Coaches / Coordinators

Coaches and coordinators responsible for assisting school teams use PBIS Assessment to determine which schools are collecting and using data, how schools are progressing, and what support may be of greatest value for any one team.

Research / Evaluation Groups

Research/evaluation teams use PBIS Assessment as a way to help schools in their research and evaluation projects to enter data about SW-PBIS implementation fidelity. Research/evaluation teams are also able to monitor which schools have entered data at any specific point in time.

PBIS Assessment Field Test includes tools and instruments for research, annual assessment and progress monitoring of implementation of SW-PBIS.
Field Test Assessment is available to any school participating in the field testing of PBIS-related instrument measures.
There is no fee for use of Field Test Assessment.
By using the PBIS Assessment Field Test application to enter data into our databases you are giving approval to share all entered data with your local coordinator, and in anonymous format, with the University of Oregon Technical Assistance Center projects for evaluation research purposes. All evaluation research projects are in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, (343 CFR 99.31 (6)) and human subjects regulations (Protection of Human Subjects 45 CFR 46). It is further understood that this consent may be withdrawn at any time for any reason by the school administrator.